‘Paper Freak’ Karl Lagerfeld Wants Us All To Smell Like Books (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Karl Lagerfeld’s press office sent us the following statement denying his involvement with the Paper Passion fragrance.

Karl Lagerfeld is not involved in this fragrance story. Even if Steidl and Wallpaper website told that he is. Mr. Lagerfeld refutes his implication in the launch of the perfume Paper Passion. This project, of which Mr Steidl told him about, only emanate from the art books’ publisher himself. Mr Lagerfeld copublishes many books with Mr Steidl but stick to Coty Prestige when it is about his own perfumes’ creations.


Kindle, schmindle. You may recall last year when Internet rumors swirled (not unlike loose-leaf papers caught in a vicious windstorm!) that Chanel’s fearless leader was in talks to produce a fragrance inspired by his (apparent) favorite material. Well, book lovers rejoice! The rumors appear to be true.

Lagerfeld has partnered with Wallpaper magazine to launch Paper Passion, a perfume that aims to capture what he has dubbed the “sensuous” essence of the rapidly antiquating textile. Folks at the magazine took inspiration from German publisher Gerhard Steidl’s assertion that his favorite scent was “a freshly printed book,” and put it to Steidl, in cahoots with perfumer Geza Schoen, to bottle the aroma. They brought on Lagerfeld to design the fragrance’s packaging, and he reached deep into that creative brain of his to produce the bouquet’s super original name. C’mon Karl—there’s gotta be some awesome pun with “note” that we aren’t brilliant enough to think of. But you are!

Admittedly, the packaging’s design is pretty cool: the bottle sits neatly inside a cut-out section of an actual book, and the front of said tome is filled with essays on the nature of paper by writers like Günter Grass, Wallpaper editor-in-chief Tony Chambers, and—yes—Lagerfeld himself. “Beautiful paper is for me the top of luxury,” he writes. “I am a paper freak. It’s a physical passion. I cannot live without paper.” That means our favorite Internet feline can’t either—we assume her room is already lined with tiny kitty books to satisfy her every literary whim.

[Daily News]

[image via Wallpaper magazine]

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