Is Karlie Kloss’ Short Hair The New ‘Rachel’?

Karlie Klossnew haircut caused a bit of a media freak out yesterday, ourselves included. It’s so short! She has bangs! The only person that wasn’t in a tizzy was probably the model herself, who seemed calm and collected backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Kloss chopped off a whole eight inches for a Vogue shoot with Patrick Demarchelier on Monday, but also says that it was just time for a change. She gave a very poetic explanation to Into The Gloss:

“My hair has always been very thin, very fine — very boring, actually, and it was so broken and damaged from the last five years of working. It was really just kind of nothing. It could be turned in to a long, glamorous thing with extensions, or you could add a fringe, but on its own, it had no style. And no texture, either. Also, the thing is, for me, as a model, having the plain, stereotypical model hair, you’re a blank canvas, which allows you to transform — to become a character — whereas when you have a hairstyle, you’re individualized. And this cut, just by itself, is such a style. I love it; I feel like I’m changing… I don’t know, I’m finding who I am. I’m twenty years old, I’m entering a new phase of my life; I bought a house! I sign the papers tomorrow. There’s a lot of change happening in my life right now. It’s a new haircut for a new decade.”

And while we’re all calling Kloss’ new hairstyle a “bob,” she’s just calling it “the Karlie”: “It’s…it’s…‘the Karlie.’ It’s the Karlie! I want women to someday go in to the hair salon and say, ‘I want the Karlie.’”

Move over, Jennifer Aniston — the “Karlie” is taking over as the new “Rachel.”

[Into The Gloss]

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