WATCH: Would You Believe That Kate Moss Paints Her Friends’ Nails?

As we’ve seen before, Kate Moss isn’t the best at giving interviews; she’s far better off mugging it up for photogs. But in an interview about her Rimmel nail polish collection, the supermodel is, well, kind of eloquent. Even if we do have some trouble believing some of the things she says.

In the video below, Moss chats with The Daily Telegraph about why she designed a polish line, how she chose the shades, and the kind of nail she sports (a “thin vampy” shape for Christmas, but shorter ones for every day). She also opens up about her love for nail polish, and even goes as far as to say:

“I’m really good at painting, and other people’s. I like doing it. It’s one of the things I like to do on holiday — is get a line up of all the girls and make their nails look nice.”

Riiight, Kate Moss doing other people’s nails? We find it extremely hard to believe that one of the world’s most famous models is going to bring her polish collection to the beach and just go at it on her friends’ tips. Her daughter’s — maybe.

Watch the whole interview below:

[The Daily Telegraph]

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