Kelly Osbourne Shills For Self-Esteem In A Bottle

Admit it: you’re a sucker for a good “Ugly Duckling Transforms Overnight Into A Svelte, Platinum Blonde Swan” story. And Kelly Osbourne’s tuned-a-corner tale is as good, not to mention as marketable, as any. Wasn’t it just yesterday she was falling down drunk, overdoing it on the black liner and popping prescription drugs like tic-tacs? Well, thankfully, Kelly says she found her way to a drugstore, picked up some self-tanner and got herself a brand new body image — not to mention an endorsement deal with premium tannery, St. Tropez.

“I looked like 10lb skinnier, and it started to make me look at my body in a different way,” she said of the tanning cream. “It made me look at what looked better rather than what I didn’t like, and I kind of got addicted.”

Addicted, huh?

Funny, we thought that transformation came care of all that ballroom dancing, some father-daughter therapy and a strict no-carb diet, but, uh, whatever works, right?

Now, looking thinner and less pale than ever, Kelly’s become a role model (read: spokesmodel) for ‘self-esteem’ in a bottle, appearing in a series of ads for the tan-tastic company.  

However as the Daily Mail has it, a few folks are less than happy with the former wayward teen’s glowing new image.

“Telling impressionable young girls that having a spray tan and appearing on a reality TV show is the way to make yourself feel better is about as far off from my understanding of self-esteem as you can get,” said PinkStinks of the ads, a group worried about the impact of marketing on girls.

In fact, spurred by the public outcry, The Prince’s Trust — a charity which helps disadvantaged young people — has pulled their support for the controversial ads explaining, “It was their campaign but Kelly was involved and she mentioned us as she is an ambassador for the trust.”

Oh well, can’t please them all. And come to think of it we’re looking a little pale — Kelly, could you pass us the self-esteem?

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