Beauty Beat: A Moisturizer That Corrects & De-Stresses Skin

It’s impossible to test and review every single beauty product on the market, so that’s why we’re just highlighting the good stuff. You know, those lotions and potions with which we’re currently obsessed, and the beauty counter buys we believe everyone should know about. Today’s pick is a moisturizer that de-stresses as it hydrates.

Underneath all the glamour, working in fashion can be quite stressful, and it’s easy to see it in my dull and tired complexion. Thankfully, Kiehl’s new Skin Rescuer has counteracted some of the effects of late nights, early mornings, and one too many glasses of champagne.

I was convinced to try out the product after the brand’s dermatologists gave a lengthy PowerPoint presentation that wasn’t unlike high school science class. In a nutshell, everything in life contributes to stress levels, and can cause skin to be dry, blotchy, and dull. The magic is in Skin Rescue’s ingredients — a mix of hydrating chamomile extract, glycerin, and shea butter with fancy ingredients like rosa gallica botanical extract, mannose, and squalane.

While Skin Rescue may not be a miracle in a bottle, it has definitely improved my skin. I usually have slightly blotchy cheeks and redness around my nose, but after two weeks into a morning and night routine, I’m starting to see some changes. There’s less redness around my cheeks and nose, and the overall tone isn’t as gray and pasty as it used to be. I would always make sure I had a bit of foundation on before heading out the door, but I’ve transitioned to a few dabs of concealer here and there because I just don’t need the coverage. Small miracles, but miracles nonetheless.

Check out the rest of our Beauty Beat recommendations right here, and learn more about Kiehl’s products in the video below:

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