Q+A: Blonding Master Kim Vō Talks Rescue Remedies & Relevant Ombrés

It’s tough keeping the perfect shade of blonde all year round. Particularly when hair does stuff like fade and grow, and when we have the tendency to impulse-buy quick fix bleaches from drug stores.

One guy who knows all about the dramas of being blonde is Kim Vō. He reps the shade himself, and it’s his hands behind the hair of Hollywood elites including Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Katherine Heigl and Dakota Fanning. What we wanted to know, though, is how to achieve a Summer 2013 blonde on a non-celebrity budget – and how to do it without turning your hair to frizzy straw. Even the most on-trend shade of sombré (we’ll get to that in a minute) isn’t worth locks that stay tied up even when you remove the elastic. True horror story.

And now that Schwarzkopf Professional have named Vō their Blonding Ambassador, we thought he’d be the perfect guy to scold us for our blonding sins and show us the champagne-hued light. Actually, though, he was very nice about our DIY disasters and even let us in on some at-home tricks that work. Read on to discover which vegetable acts as a lightening agent and whether ombré’s still cool.

Styleite: What are the best products to use on damaged blonde hair? Do they need to contain keratin proteins?
Kim Vō: For damaged blonde hair, I recommend a weekly dose of the BLONDME Blonde Brilliance Intense Treatment, which will replenish hair with moisture while improving its elasticity, surface and internal structure. Yes, Keratin proteins are essential for blondes!

Are people still doing ombré? How ‘rooty’ should you be allowed to go?
Yes, we’re seeing an evolution of Ombré! I’m a huge fan of Sombré, which is a softer, more subtle Ombré. For blondes, I’m loving the Chamobré look. Chamobré showcases a cooler champagne blonde.

How do you find the correct shade of blonde for your skin tone?
Finding the correct shade of blonde reminds me of Goldie Locks! Sometimes you have to try on a number of blondes and see which shade suits you best. However, I always say that those with an olive skin should stay away from platinum and those who have pink undertones in their skin should be more of cooler blonde than golden blonde.

Which celebrity blondes are people most often trying to replicate?
​Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl.

What are the best products for keeping blonde hair ash-toned instead of yellow?
BLONDME Blonde Brilliance Shampoo Light Cool-Ice delivers cool pigments to improve clarity and unwanted warm tones without changing the hair color.

Is there any way to safely lighten your hair at home? What about ways to extend the life of your color so you don’t have to spend so much at the salon?
To extend the life of your color, you must take proper care of your hair. First, make sure you are washing and conditioning with professional haircare that’s targeted for colored-treated hair. At home, combine room temperature chamomile tea, lemon juice and grated potato, which will act as a whitening agent and help lighten and brighten blonde hair.

What are some of the most common mistakes blondes are making at home?
Blonde hair is like a white piece of paper – everything it comes in contact effects the color. With that said, blondes should only wash their hair every couple of days, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week and always protect hair from heated styling tools and harsh environmental elements.

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