Lady Gaga Just Wants You To Have Safe Sex

Forgive us for making fashion week analogies, but Lady Gaga is like a runway presentation in more ways that one. What we see of the mother monster is mostly polished output — hardly ever do we get the chance to go backstage, so to speak, and see what drives her to be a walking performance artist/philanthropist/fashion icon all rolled into one person. Gaga told WWD she just wants people to wear condoms.

Although, that could be because she’s currently the spokeswoman for The MAC AIDS Fund, which donates the proceeds of the cosmetics company’s Viva Glam products to AIDS research. But what inspires her to get involved with various causes in the first place is her aunt, Joanne Germanotta, who died of lupus when she was just 19.

“I think I actually carry two souls in my body, and that I’m living out the rest of her life and her goodness — she died a virgin, she died never having experienced all these things that we all get to love and experience in our lives. I think that I work in her image. I work in this life as part pop singer and part humanitarian, and to do great things for people because she was a good person and I don’t think she had enough time to do enough good.”

Two charitable souls in one body? Maybe that’s why her influence touches so many people. Gaga says she feels in a way responsible for her young fans, some of whom have told her they feel disenfranchised. Gaga says she wants more than anything to give them a voice — and for them to be self aware. It’s part of the reason she wore a condom-inspired outfit (designed by Nicola Formichetti for Thierry Mugler) on Good Morning America yesterday.

“Safe sex is something that everyone always says, but when you bring up HIV or AIDS, suddenly everyone gets a little quiet,” said Gaga. “This shame and this stigma of going to get tested is something that prevents people from going. The messaging this year — what I came here to address in my latex condom pantsuit — to talk about safe sex, that AIDS is 100-percent preventable but it is zero-percent curable, so protect yourself and educate yourself. ”

Gaga’s lipstick and lip glass for the campaign are both $14.50. She wants to raise $50 million dollars for AIDS research with this year’s Viva Glam campaign, so what we want to know is, have you bought your lip glass yet?

What Drives Lady Gaga [WWD, Subscription Required.]

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