PHOTOS: Lauren Conrad Rocks Rainbow Brite Tresses

While there are plenty of reasons to not like Lauren Conrad (reality shows, tonedeaf advice articles for Forbes), it’s pretty hard to hate on her hair. It’s thick, it’s shiny, and while it it runs the gamut from brown to blonde to ombre brond, it always looks good. That said, like Conrad’s “character” on The Hills, it’s also ever so slightly boring. Until now.

Last week, Conrad posted a pic on The Beauty Department of blonde tresses with purple, pink, and blue-dipped ends, along with a poll as to whether she should follow suit. While we missed the chance to vote, we would have clicked “DUH” about five million times. Thankfully, other people thought the same way and Conrad stuck to her word, posting a pic of her own rainbow brite tresses.

Needless to say, we are digging the new ‘do. It’s nice to see Conrad go for something a little more funky and summer seems like the perfect time to rock jewel-toned ends. (Speaking of rock, and apologies for the second ’80s cartoon reference, but does anyone else think Conrad’s colored locks make it looks like Jem and the Holograms are playing a concert in her hair?) What do you think of the look? Would you wear your hair like this?

*We know that Punky Brewster never actually had rainbow-hued hair, but it feels like something she would have done, no?

[The Beauty Dept via MTV Style.]

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