PHOTOS: What Is Up With Lindsay Lohan’s Crazyface Bronzer?

First her teeth, now her cheeks. Lindsay Lohan arrived at court today (where she was subsequently taken into custody — in handcuffs! — for missing no less than nine of her schedule community service sessions) in a white dress, gold platforms, and some seriously messed up bronzer.

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Look, we know that celeb makeup is nothing like real person makeup. It’s heavier, it’s darker, and it’s meant to be seen on screen and in photos — not in person. However, the bronzer stripes happening on Lohan’s face look like something your ’80s obsessed third cousin might have put on in a dark bathroom while drunk off too many Miller Lites in the hopes of recreating Iman’s inimitable cheekbones. Or something.

(No offense to your third cousin, or anything.)

Take a look at the photos below — we’ve included as many angles as possible, for your viewing pleasure. Can you explain to us how someone leaves the house looking like this? Yikes.

P.S. For a complete timeline of Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles, click here.

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