Jail Officials Let Lindsay Lohan Keep Her Extensions

Female inmates are typically stripped of their vanity needs while serving time, but the L.A. County jail staff is letting inmate of the moment, Lindsay Lohan, hold on to her ultimate beauty accessory: her extensions. Since it’s no secret that Lohan is up to her eyeballs in financial debt, maybe they’re doing her a favor by saving her some serious cash on a redo?

According to the Los Angeles Times, released inmates have complained about her “special treatment” because traditionally, inmates serving time are forced to remove their extensions. Perhaps they follow Real Housewives of New Jersey’s daughter Ashley Laurita’s logic, hair extensions technically aren’t a part of a person.

However, the LA Times talked to Steve Whitmore, a sheriff’s spokeman, to figure out why Lohan was the exception. Turns out, spending $1,000+ on faux locks is an investment on fool-proof protection — even from the law. “… Extensions are removed when they are detachable from the inmate’s hair. In Lohan’s case, her hair extensions were not removed because they were bonded into her hair,” Whitmore explained.

On top of keeping her extensions, Lohan will be prematurely liberated next week, serving only 13 of her 90-day sentence, due to “jail overcrowding and good behavior.” And they wonder why the media scrutinizes them for giving starlets special treatment.

[image via Los Angeles Times]


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