SOLVED: The Mystery Behind All Those Concealer Mishaps!

UPDATE: A representative from Makeup Forever called us Tuesday morning to say that someone is feeding Wendy Williams incorrect information. The company doesn’t know what brand of makeup is making Hollywood’s leading faces look like they’re wearing pounds of concealer when the flashbulb lights up, but is certain it’s not a Makeup Forever product. Let the mystery continue!


It’s the mystery that stumped a nation: why were normally well-heeled and perfectly put together celebs suddenly appearing in public looking like they’d washed their face with baking powder? First Nicole Kidman walked the red carpet with mounds of white powder carpeting her cheekbones, then Uma Thurman showed up for an event with a light dusting of the same substance all over her face. And just last week, Eva Longoria stepped out for dinner in NYC with the makeup equivalent of football player eye black underlining her peepers. What gives? Well, consider the mystery solved.

According to Wendy Williams and her make-up artist, Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Powder is to blame. The Frisky reports:

Wendy said on her show today that her makeup artist told her the Microfinish Powder is meant for HD TV. It looks beautiful in person and through HD cameras, but the minute someone snaps a photo using flash, the powder becomes visible. The Microfinish Powder is available in one universal shade—white—but is also translucent.

A comment on the Huffington Post from yesterday backs up Williams’ assertion.

The white powder that Uma and Nicole Kidman had trouble with is by Make Up For Ever and is their HD Powder. It’s white but goes on transparent. It’s great stuff, really hides everything and makes your skin look flawless, only problem is it shows up white if you’re photographed.

Call us crazy, but no matter how good this powder is — isn’t the flash problem a bit of a deal breaker, especially for celebrities? On what planet would any of the above women go out in public and not be photographed?

What do you think? Would you use it?
[via The Frisky.]

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