Illegal Butt Implants Prove Fatal For One Woman

Excessive plastic surgery is always a hard topic to talk about. We’ll be honest, we can’t help but feel the urge to make fun of celebrities who’ve had too much work done. But the sad reality is that those addicted to plastic surgery will go to any length to get the face or body they think they want. Even if it means undergoing unhealthy, illegal procedures.

Due to high costs and lengthy waiting periods, those hooked will ignore lack of credentials to get what they’re looking for. One such woman was 22-year-old Mayra Lissette Contreras. While we’re unsure of her plastic surgery past, there must have been some serious driving force operating that allowed her to look past the essential details of picking a good surgeon. Because her decision to get silicone injections into her buttocks in the home of two women illegally performing the surgery proved deadly.

These “underground cosmetic surgeons” forego attention to detail — like dosage, cleanliness of surgical tools, etc. — to get the job done as quickly and for as little money as possible. But when you’re dealing with such sensitive materials as silicon, things can go horribly wrong, as they did for Contreras.

AOL News reports:

When silicone is used for breast implants, it is medical-grade and placed in the body in a capsule. Underground cosmetic surgeons are not always so careful, using industrial silicone and injecting large quantities of the substance, rather than implanting it. Silicone injected into the body can have serious medical consequences. These range from heavy scarring to death from breathing problems – as appears to be what happened in Contreras’s case.

Now, police are on the hunt for the two women who performed the surgery — the sister duo of Alejandra and Guadalupe Viveros. They were arrested on June 21st for performing illegal surgeries without a medical license, but released after posting bail.



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