Everything You Need To Know About Mitt Romney’s Hair

Let’s get one thing straight: Even if Mitt Romney hadn’t won the Iowa caucus and even if he wasn’t leading the polls in the ultra important South Carolina primary, his hair is so good that it could probably run for the presidency on its own viability and public presence.

And why is Romney’s coiffure so commended? Because it’s just good: solid, well-kept, clean and, dare we say it, spiffy. Naturally everyone is obsessed with Romney’s tonsorial prowess, so a few national media outlets (cough, GQ and The New York Times) have delved into his hairline to uncover the truth behind his trim ‘do. Here’s what they found:

1. He’s had the same barber, Leon de Magistris of Leon and Co. in Belmont, Mass. for 25 years.

2. The cut costs $70.

3. Romney doesn’t tip de Magistris (because he owns the salon) but he does tip the shampoo girls.

4. Dudes actually go to barbershops and ask for it by name. (They call it “the Mitt”.)

5. In 2007, his advisers listed his hair as a reason he might not win the presidency. They called it a “potential turnoff”.

6. When a few strands of it fell out of place during a debate in November, people freaked out and blogged about it.

7. He’s not gonna dye the temples. Forget about it.

8. He doesn’t use product. That sheen is all natural.

And now you know!

[GQ, The New York Times]

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