Will Guys Buy A Dude-Specific Brand Of Nail Polish?

We generally adhere to the idea that if there’s a product available for purchase, it must be because there’s some kind of market for it. Right? Well, we think we may need a little help understanding EvolutionMan, a new line of nail polish marketed specifically at men.

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Now it’s not that guys don’t care about their nails — there are plenty of dudes bumming around Brooklyn and parts of Tokyo right now who probably have better manicures than most women who work in the beauty industry. That doesn’t change the fact that those guys are extremely few and very far between. Especially when you compare the percentage of men who buy and use nail polish to the number of women who do. Which is why, for the most part, guys who paint their nails either borrow it from women they know or buy lacquer traditionally marketed at the ladies.

But EvolutionMan is strictly for men. It even has the word “Man” in its name. Is this a thing? Is there market research out there that suggests that 2012 is going to be the year that men start actively painting their own nails, or bringing their own bottles of polish to their manicurists?

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To be completely fair, EvolutionMan’s color palette is still within the range of what some guys are already putting on the tips of their fingers: white, dark purple and gray. It also has two topcoats: one shiny and one matte. The line’s founder, Marco Berardini, says that those colors are already pretty popular among men, and that yes, in fact, colored nails are starting to pick up among men. He told Allure:

“If you’re wearing a Rolex with chewed, scraggly nails, it’s a contradiction of sorts. Whether it’s the perfect, clean manicure, suggesting success and power, or a bold color to show they’re not confined to society’s rules, [wearing polish is] a way to express who they are. It is definitely less permanent than a tattoo, and you can change the color depending on your choice of mood or fashion.”

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Uh huh. Well, as far as we’re concerned, short-clipped nails on a clean hand look a lot better next to a Rolex than metallic purple polish. But that’s just what we think. Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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