Nicola Formichetti Manscapes, Doesn’t ‘Want To Look Too Gay’

Have you ever wondered about Nicola Formichetti‘s grooming routine? All of your questions have been answered!

Nicola (one of our favorite interview subjects) chatted with Into The Gloss (one of our favorite sites), and proved he has lots of thoughts about hair. For example, his musings on eyebrows:

I also have a really thick eyebrow, and I used to pluck quite a lot…like, full arch. That was three or four years ago…and it was so feminine looking! I looked like one of those Italian ‘straight guys’. [Laughs] So I stopped, and now they’re just trimmed a bit and touched up in the middle, but I realized I look better with a full eyebrow. If they’re too ‘designed’, I look super gay. Even though I’m gay, I don’t want to look too gay, you know?

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Formichetti also shaves his face and chest, and trims his “underarm hair into shape”. As for below the belt…

And then my pubic area I just clip the top above my waistband, but nothing else…and legs are just normal. It’s only in America that people are so crazy about their bodies…going to the gym, being really groomed…everyone’s fanatic. I always just left it; here in Europe no one cares. But now I’m kind of liking it, because you start seeing your muscles.

And now you know.

[Into The Gloss]

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