An Easy Way To Get Frizz-Free Hair

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These are pretty close to my natural curls. Also, yes, I was this nervous!

I am very low-maintenance and very cheap when it comes to my hair — with the exception of one embarrassingly recent attempt to dye a section of it blue (the dye was from Ricky’s and it washed out immediately), I’ve never had my hair dyed or highlighted, and I’ve been getting haircuts from students at the Carsten Aveda Institute since I was twelve. I am definitely not the type to do anything drastic to the hairs on my head, so when Styleite offered me the chance to try nuNAAT’s at-home keratin treatment, I was intrigued and a little nervous.

I have fairly curly hair (think Claire’s from Degrassi — see above) that I wear straight almost every day. While my hair falls a few inches past my shoulders, it’s pretty thin and straightening it has never been a huge hardship: my usual routine involves about 20-25 minutes of blow-drying and flat-ironing. I was looking forward to seeing if a keratin treatment would make a difference.

Most salon keratin treatments cost well above $100, but nuNAAT’s one-time use kit retails for $24.99. Not bad! nuNAAT’s keratin treatment also uses “Green” keratin and is formaldehyde-free, for those who avoid these treatments out of health or environmental concerns. The kit comes with a bottle of Ultra Smoothing Gloss, a bottle of Ultra Care Shampoo, and a packet of Ultra Care Conditioner. The only reason I can think of that there is so much less conditioner is to guarantee that you are only able to use each kit once, but I think I could probably get two uses out of the one I had.

I decided to embark on this adventure last Tuesday evening, which was a bit of a mistake as the process is rather involved. If you’re going to go the at-home keratin treatment route, I would carve out a weekend afternoon so you can paint your nails and relax without worrying about staying up past your bedtime. I did a strand test with the Ultra Smoothing Gloss first, which took twenty minutes, and I would recommend doing it if you are at all nervous about chemically treating your hair. Mine seemed to handle it fine, so I got started. Here are the steps:

1. Wash hair with Ultra Care Shampoo, dry hair with a towel, comb and dry with a blowdryer. The shampoo smells nice! I appreciated that it didn’t smell harsh or like chemicals at all.

2. Separate hair into sections and apply Ultra Smoothing Gloss to each section. There are plastic gloves included for this step, and I just sort of squirted a bunch of the gloss into my gloved hands and ran them through my hair. Not the most precise method in the world, but it worked!

3. Leave the gloss in your hair for 20-30 minutes, combing every 5 minutes.

4. Blow dry hair, then run a flat iron over your whole head to seal the cuticles.

5. Get back in the shower again and wash hair one more time with Ultra Care Shampoo, then apply Ultra Care Conditioner and leave in for two minutes.

6. Finish styling hair as usual; don’t wash hair for the next 48 hours, and avoid hair accessories/putting hair behind your ears.

Whew! See what I mean about this being involved? I was pretty tired by the end, and though I noticed that I was able to style my hair a bit faster (I still used a blowdryer and flat iron, but for less time), I wasn’t sure if all the washing and rewashing was worth it. I obediently waited two days to wash my hair again, however, and was able to blow dry and straighten my hair in ten minutes. Ten minutes! With the extra time in the morning I could take my dog on an extra-long walk/make myself a better lunch/get to work early, for once!

Ultimately, the nuNAAT treatment was a bit more work than I was expecting, but it cut my morning routine in half, and is holding up just as well one week later. If your hair is curlier or thicker than mine, you may need to use more of the product than I did (I still have plenty of the Ultra Care Shampoo and smoothing gloss left, and about half the conditioner). I don’t have any split ends or breakage, and my hair actually felt much softer and smoother after the treatment. I definitely felt like more of a Holly J. after doing it. (See below.)

So shiny! So smooth!

nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch treatment is available at Walgreens.

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