Oprah’s Skincare Routine Will (Only) Set You Back A Couple Hundred Bucks

Do you want to be as beautiful Oprah Winfrey? Well you can’t. (We don’t make the rules, we just play by them.) But you can do the next best thing and use the same skincare line she uses, a luxe mix of products formulated by Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, which will be available in department stores for the first time this summer.

Oprah has been Lancer’s client for about a year now, and she’s been impressed enough with his product to recommend that it be turned into a business. Until recently, Lancer only sold his various unguents and creams on his website and out of his office, but Oprah convinced him to sell it en masse. And because a request from Oprah is like a request from the president or Tom Ford in that you simply cannot say no, Lancer said yes.

WWD reports that Nordstrom already sells six of the products, “$50 Polish, $50 Cleanse, $100 Nourish, $50 Vitamin C 10% Cream, $50 Glycolic 10% Facial Cream and $34 Vitamin C Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30″ in 17 of its stores, and Lancer has plans to fill out the rest of the department store chain within a few months. And it’s the first three products, Polish, Cleanse and Nourish, that most of Lancer’s clients use every day.

The routine is centered upon three products: the skin-resurfacing Polish, cleanser Cleanse and day or night nourishment cream Nourish. Although Lancer has up to some 20 products available at his office, he explained the additional products address individual needs, and the basic three-step process is for everyday skin health.

Could the secret to Oprah’s $2.7 billion complexion really be $200 worth of face wash? We have a feeling a lot of women will want to find out.


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