Paris Hit With $35M Lawsuit For Wearing Someone Else’s Hair

We’re usually too distracted by Paris Hilton’s poor fashion choices to notice anything else about the socialiate-turned-mini-mogul. But a few people were indeed paying attention to Paris — her hair, in particular.

Yesterday, Hilton was smacked with a fashion-related lawsuit. The crime? Wearing someone else’s hair.

Hairtech International Inc. had apparently penned an agreement with Hilton that she would “wear and promote their product,” but instead she sported some other brand’s faux hair back in 2008. Now, Hairtech is seeking $35 million in damages.

Not only was she caught cheating on Hairtech’s extensions, but Paris also failed to attend a launch party for the brand. She was too busy sitting in jail at the time to attend. But the company is decidedly unsympathetic to her previous legal woes, claiming her absence cost them $6.6 million in losses.

It certainly makes us wonder what projects Lindsay Lohan may have left behind when she was sent to the slammer. At least she has her extensions in check.

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