Product Junkie: 3 Must-Haves For Your Beauty Bag

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s easier to trick (erm…we mean, encourage) said eye with the help of certain rock star products. Considering the billions of dollars spent each year in the beauty industry, it can be a little overwhelming weeding through the great and the terrible in the hopes of finding that perfect mascara or won’t-make-you-break-out moisturizer—so that’s where Product Junkie comes in! We’ll be taking a weekly look at the stellar products—both new and all-time classic—which deserve a spot of honor on your own beauty counter. If we write about it, it’s good: scout’s honor.

First up: here are the products I’m currently a little too obsessed with.

NARS ‘Wild at Heart’ 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette
Beauty palettes are generally good for two things: taking up space in your makeup bag, and wasting your money on pairings of colors you end up never using. This is not one of those palettes. Featuring 4 you-will-wear-them eyeshadow shades, Orgasm blush (my all-time favorite blush, and in the beauty editor Hall of Fame), The Multiple in South Beach (a classic shimmer cream), 4 gorgeous lip glosses ranging from nearly-sheer to look-at-me red, and a huge, hugely convenient mirror, this palette now goes everywhere with me and has quickly become an indispensible part of my makeup routine for both day and night.

Vera Wang ‘Princess’ Eau de Toilette Spray
Okay, let’s get this straight: I am not a princess; you are not a princess (well, unless you’re Olivia Wilde or your granny also responds to “Your Majesty”). Few-to-none of us will ever be princesses, and that’s totally cool. But Vera Wang, being she of the wedding industry, traffics in hopes and dreams, and so it makes sense that her latest perfume would be called…drumroll…Princess. Confusingly, however, the scent isn’t cloying and bridezilla-y, but light and playful, with initial fruitiness that dries down into a pleasing muskiness. So, it’s basically the fragrance equivalent of your awesome friend with the open bar who let you choose your dress, instead of the cracked-out one who cried over the napkins and made you wear ruffled beige taffeta.

Arcona Reozone 40, $28,
In general, I can’t stand tinted moisturizers: they’re designed for floaty creatures with nearly-perfect skin—the same girls who probably never suffered the indignity of standing alone on the sidelines of a school dance, wondering if that elusive first-kiss would ever come. (It did, but believe you me, it took years.) This oil-free product, however, is less a tinted moisturizer, more a supremely awesome sunscreen featuring significant full-spectrum protection, antioxidants, a light texture, and the slightest hint of color that really does make skin look better. I apply it under my beloved bareMinerals foundation—and, yes, sometimes even wear just Reozone 40 by itself.


Nadine Jolie is a beauty, travel and society writer and the author of Beauty Confidential and Confessions of a Beauty Addict. A former beauty editor at Lucky, Ladies’ Home Journal and FHM, she blogs at,, AOL Shopping and, and has written for, Cosmo, Jane and the New York Daily News. She has appeared on the Today Show, Tyra, Showbiz Tonight and CNN American Morning, has been featured as a beauty expert in two infomercials, teaches classes on blogging through Mediabistro, and provides new media/blogging consulting services for beauty brands including Dove, Oral-B, Liqwd and JolieMD. In her free time, Nadine enjoys traveling, polo, stiff drinks and learning how to say ‘Where is the nearest Sephora?’ in new languages.

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