Which BH Housewife Has Had The Most Plastic Surgery?

Not that we have anything against elective surgery or whatever, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have had a lot of it. And we’re not just saying that because they’re wealthy and kind of pretty and live in the world capital of tummy tucks and butt lifts — we’re just reporting what they said on Judith Regan‘s Sirius XM radio show last week.

Regan went around the table asking each woman about the procedures she’d had done. The answers weren’t shocking because of the kinds of procedures they’ve undergone (it’s 2010, who hasn’t had Botox?) but because of their quantity. There have been no less than 13 procedures among the show’s six stars, including breast augmentations, breast implants, removal of said implants, rhinoplasty and both a bucket and a crock of Botox. No really. Camille Grammer, grown woman and ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer, said she had “just a crock of Botox”. (Lisa VanderPump is the one who had the bucket. The difference in measurement between a bucket and a crock remains unknown.)

After you check out the full catalog of the procedures the women have had done to themselves, we want to hear your thoughts in the comment section. We haven’t reached Jocelyn Wildenstein territory here yet, but our guess is that for some of these ladies, that scary, scary place is not far off.

[Via The Huffington Post and Radar Online]

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