Rodarte For MAC Stirs Up Some Serious Controversy

Several photos surfaced Thursday from the highly anticipated Rodarte for MAC make-up line, set to launch September 15. Our expectations were met when the leaked photos contained an array of “muted feminine” shades that stayed true to the Gothic beauty style most known of the brand. Everything from the packaging details, like the veined eyeshadow and Rodarte logo imprint, to the inventive shade names like “Sleepwalker,” struck our fancy. Except for one thing — are non-pale beauties excluded from this collection?

We went through the photos released byHint Fashion Magazine and the list of shade and product details Temptalia offered up, hoping to find some undead colors that would suit someone who is perhaps darker than, well, white.

Most of the shades were described with adjectives like “pale,” “grey,” “mauve, and “taupe” — all of which would make a naturally tan woman, like myself, turn into a stone statue. But there was a flicker of hope in an eyeshadow described as “Black with red, pale blue, and silver veining.” But until a photo of the whole collection becomes available to the public, I can’t help but imagine a whole collection that simply doesn’t cater to my skin tone.

Coming from a make-up brand that seeks pride in color diversity for all skin tones imaginable, the result of the collaboration is an usual one. Past collaborations with designer brands like Alice + Olivia, DSquared, and Heatherette had variety in color and tone, which no doubt made them successful.

While having that name Rodarte on the package will stimulate blind buys from the brand’s worshipers, asking people to spend $25 on a beauty powder that works on only one skin tone probably won’t.

Here are photos from the line. Would these shades suit your skin tone?

[Ed Note: It turns out that Rodarte was also rather thoughtless in their naming process, calling two of their polishes “Juarez” and “Factory”. Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky points out, “Juarez is an impoverished Mexican factory town notorious for the number of women between the ages of 12 and 22 who have been raped and murdered with little or no response from police.” Where do these women work? In the border town’s factories, which are called maquiladoras, and most have disappeared on the way to or from work.]

[images via Hintmag]

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