Suave And Shiseido Photoshop Women’s Legs Away

We’re not Photoshop experts here at Styleite, but it doesn’t take a master retoucher to see the flaws in really, really badly shopped photos. Perhaps that’s why it’s so sad and so fun to go after them the way we’re wont to do around these parts.

Today, we’re proud (and a little disgusted) to bring you two particularly bad examples of digital photo butchering, both from beauty companies whose ad departments apparently hate women’s legs.

Exhibit one: an ad from Japanese purveyor of all things luxe and designed-to-make-you-look-better, Shiseido. It features a model sitting on a rock, which is nothing new. The problem is, her right leg has been dislocated and dragged about a foot away from her body, and there appear to be remnants of her hand near her right heel.

Exhibit two: this ad for Suave fruit explosion-scented body wash features a woman (strangely wrapped in coils of meticulously cut fruit) hugging her leg. But her leg appears to taper off into nothingness, and doesn’t seem to respect the spatial relation real human beings’ legs have to their hips and stomach.

With products like clothing and makeup that are made specifically to make you look good and feel better about yourself, we understand the need to do a little enhancing for color or appearance. That just makes sense. But for body wash that any woman could use and a branding campaign that’s targeting a specific product, why was this amount of cutting, pasting and morphing necessary? And again, how could someone look at these and let them go to print?

We will note that we think the Shiseido ad might be a fake — it really is too terrible to have gone to press without someone saying something. But maybe they were in a rush? Who knows.

Anyway, we’ve seen this happen over and over and over again. And we’re kind of tired of having to bark every time it happens. But we will continue to make a fuss about bad Photoshopping until it stops, and we invite you to join us.

[Via Jezebel and Photoshop Disasters]

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