Beauty Beat: Icelandic Eye Cream Works Dark Circle Miracles!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my dark circle neuroses, I have a really big problem with bags. I know exactly which concealers work best and how to apply them, but I haven’t quite figured out how to zap those suckers at the root — aside from, of course, getting more sleep, drinking less alcohol, and doing more exercise — until now. Enter Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream.

The product description tells me that active ingredients include vitamin K (which “increases circulation to help diminish dark under-eye circles”), orange peel (to help “reduce puffiness”), Icelandic kelp (which helps “revitalize skin and fight inflammation” — also, it just sounds refreshing), and cotton powder (to “fill fine lines and act as an optical diffuser to downplay wrinkles and dark circles”). All that is well and good, but as I am not a scientist, I cannot speak to the efficacy of those specific claims. What I can tell you is that on days when I’m so hungover that I wake up with the human equivalent of hamster eyes (see: here), a mouth that tastes like the floor of a bar, and dark circles down to my clavicles, I pat on a little of this $45 nordic miracle cream and wait for the tingling to start working its magic.

Seriously! It tingles! But in a really good, deliciously refreshing way. And slowly but surely, my eyes begin to open up, the circles fade to minor craters, and the red rims all but disappear. Obviously, there is no eye cream on this planet that will miraculously vanquish all your eye insecurities into oblivion, but this one does the one thing I’ve never had any other cream do: visibly improve the look of my eyes as I watch.

Look, I didn’t pay for this cream but I couldn’t tell you the PR company who sent it to me if you paid me one billion dollars, so it’s not like I’m doing whoever it was any favors. That said, I plan on absolutely purchasing it again. And you should, too.

Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, $45 [Sephora]

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