WATCH: Snooki Recommends Using Cat Litter As A Facial Scrub

So, Snooki stopped by Conan last night, and while the whole nine minute long segment is postworthy, there’s one part where the world’s tiniest guidette recommends using cat litter as an exfoliant. The conversation goes a little something (in fact, exactly something) like this.

CONAN: You give some very strange beauty tips in here. In this book, you say it’s acceptable to use cat litter–”
SNOOKI: “Clean! Cat litter.”
CONAN: “Yes. I thought that would go without saying. On your face! As what? As an exfoliant?”
SNOOKI: “Yeah, well, I like to Google a lot. And I don’t like to spend a lot of money on spa treatments, just because I’m, like, a cheapo. So I Googled what else I could use that’s, like, not so expensive, and it was cat litter!”

Yup. “I like to Google a lot.”


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