WATCH: This Absurd Tajazzle Commercial Is Super Offensive

Let’s cut to the chase: to “Tajazzle” is to powder, roll on flavored goo and then bedazzle your lady bits. Not only is the concept itself absurd, the related infomercial is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever seen.

The acting in the 14-minute spot is so far beyond the realm of acceptable, but it’s lines like this that throw us over the edge:  “Imagine the reaction when that person discovers this surprise that makes you glitter and gleam.” And “I put it on my kissable areas to be delightfully delicious.” It’s as if it was an SNL skit… except it’s not.

This “ultimate system for personal confidence” is meant to make you “dry, fresh, smell good and even taste good.” While slightly less insulting than those Summer’s Eve ads, these vagina shaming campaigns need to stop. Oh, and vagina is a word the infomercial never uses, by the way.

Though the production value of the Tajazzle infomercial makes it hard to take the whole thing seriously, the underlying message is clear: unless you’re powdered, flavored and blingin’, no dude is going to bang you. And that, dear readers, is offensive.

Watch and see for yourself:

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