The Year in Hair: 2013’s Most Infamous Hairstyles

2013 was when I really realized how strange it must be to be a celebrity. If I want to do something to my hair, I do something to my hair. If they want to do something to their hair, they consult with their people and then maybe do something to their hair too. Then they post it on Instagram then get turned into memes then have to explain to millions of people why they did such a crazy thing and then they usually end up going back to the same hairstyle they normally wear anyway.

If there was one hairstyle that sums up 2013, it’s the pixie cut. The pixie is not so much a haircut as it is a metaphor, a sign of what it means to change your hair in an age when every action has a potential meme reaction. But it wasn’t the only style to rock the hair world as we know it this year. Read on to relive eight Twitter sh*t storms caused by hair.


1. Beyoncé’s pixie cut.
The original. The pixie cut revivalist. The haircut (which we now know is probably not a haircut) that spawned a thousand memes. Our favorite one was the one of Gotye and Kimbra singing, “but you didn’t have to cut me off”. Then the funny period was over and it got annoying, and some people actually didn’t want to talk about Beyoncé for about five minutes.


2. Beyoncé’s bobeyoncé.
BUT THEN SHE GREW IT BACK. In just seven days Beyoncé grew locks of gold all the way down to her shoulders. The internet went cray.


3. Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut.
Jennifer Lawrence experienced the unfamiliar sensation of not being universally and wholeheartedly adored when she controversially joined the pixie club last month. She debut the style while flying on a private plane, making it that much more awesome and putting an end to days of speculation prompted by a beanie she had stepped out in earlier. Unlike Beyoncé’s, Lawrence’s pixie cut is recognized for its longevity, and is still in existence as we speak. Pairs well with Dior.


4. Miley Cyrus’ double buns.
It’s surprising how often your hair can manage to enter the news when there’s so little of it. Miley Cyrus has proved this time and time again in 2013, but the most memorable of her hairstyles were the mini raver buns she wore to her August twerkathon after ousting herself as a traitor to the pixie. Double buns were a vital part of your Miley Cyrus halloween costume, as evidenced by the Hilton sisters (Paris and Perez) this past Halloween. But don’t call this hairstyle “The Miley”.


5. Rihanna’s doobie wrap.
Rihanna made a major beauty statement at the 2013 American Music Awards, showing up in a doobie wrap. A technique rather than a hairstyle, the doobie wrap is used by black and Dominican woman to preserve straight hairstyles. Wearing it out of the house is the equivalent of going to the supermarket in your pajamas. But Rihanna has never been one to abide by the rules. The internet was jizzing itself over Rihanna’s doobie for days afterwards, copping compliments from bloggers and backlash from some people who felt it shouldn’t be seen beyond the bedroom. Whatever your thoughts, it’s at least a sign you should be upping your bobby pin game.


6. Vanessa VanDyke’s natural hair.
You might not know her by name, but you might have heard about the horrible school teachers that threatened this 12-year-old girl with expulsion over her natural hair. The student handbook reads: “Hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction,” citing mohawks, shaved designs and rat tails — all of which, it’s fairly obvious, take considerable effort to achieve — as examples of no-no hairstyles. The school has now backtracked and allowed Vanessa to remain in possession of her hair. How generous of them.


7. Lady Gaga’s natural hair.
Like most things concerning Lady Gaga, she is most newsworthy when she’s not levitating or riding horses made from humans. The craziest hairstyle she was seen in this year was a shoulder-length, toussled brown bob, which she debuted on Terry’s Diary. A BBC reporting confirmed that the hair really did grow from her own head. “When I didn’t feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else. And it worked,” she told the crowd at London’s iTunes festival in September. “So here I am, the human underneath the wigs,” she said, removing her headpiece and bobby pins to reveal her natural hair.


8. Pamela Anderson’s pixie cut.
The pixie returned yet again on the head of Pamela Anderson, she formerly of the yellow blonde locks that curled in tendrils all the way down to her waist. This might be the only time we’ll ever love something Pamela Anderson did more than something Jennifer Lawrence did.


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