This Exists: The Vampire Facelift

This morning when we were listening to NPR — and yes, we listen to NPR — we heard about a flabbergasting new cosmetic procedure interlaced with a lot of Twilight jokes:

“The Twilight Saga is all the rage these days. And if the movies and books aren’t enough for you, you can try a new cosmetic procedure promising to eclipse old age. It’s nicknamed the vampire facelift. Not actual surgery, instead you get injected with a mixture of your own blood to plump up wrinkles. Then again, you could probably do just as well by simply following the undead’s example and stay out of the sun.”

Attention, pop culture analysts of the future: Today was the day it became OK to use vampire lore to market a product that is not in any way tangential to a vampire movie or television show.

The procedure, or the material, or the concept, or something, is called Selphyl (self fill — clever, right?). We did a little digging and found that to make the injection mixture, a clinician takes your blood, separates the platelets from it and mixes the platelets with fibrin, (which occurs in the body naturally). Then it gets injected wherever you need to fill in a wrinkle or plump something that has been unplumped by time.

It’s supposed to last longer than synthetic cosmetic fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane. And, it’s all natural and comes from your body.

However, there’s still that element of ickiness there. Something about a doctor or spa person extracting our blood and putting it back in us makes us shiver. And the whole let’s-take-advantage-of-the-vampire-craze aspect of the procedure’s name cheapens whatever cosmetic benefits you might be able to get from this. Really, can you imagine telling someone you got a vampire facial?

[Image via Artistic Alliance]

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