WATCH: David Lynch Made a Nail Polish Commercial for Louboutin and It’s Really Weird

Christian Louboutin is no stranger to out-of-the-box advertising. Just earlier this year, in fact, he released an ad campaign that ended up being the ultimate iteration of corpse-chic. So it’s not too surprising that the next step for Louboutin on his journey through weirdness involves enlisting David Lynch.

Louboutin has teamed up with the acclaimed filmmaker to produce a commercial for Louboutin Rouge, the brand’s new (and first!) nail polish. The polish is purported to make you nails the exact same shade of red as the Louboutin heels, and is priced to match as well, with a $50 price tag on each tiny bottle. And though we’d normally scoff at such a gimmick, this trippy (and somewhat terrifying) commercial has us convinced we need this color on our nails. Is it possible that this video contains subliminal messages? Or are we merely drawn to weird things?

This is by no means David Lynch’s first foray into fashion commercial films. Who could forget the short film he made with Marion Cotillard for Dior? And it’s not even his first time working with Louboutin. The two collaborated on a cabaret show at Crazy Horse in Paris in 2012. Nevertheless, this movie still strikes us as one of Lynch’s weirder ventures.

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