WATCH: How To Wash Your Hair In Outer Space

If you’ve ever backpacked around a foreign country on the cheap, you can probably relate to how difficult it is to keep clean when finding hot water and adequate water pressure is a challenge. Well, compound those issues with a lack of gravity, and taking a shower probably sounds near impossible. How could hair stay clean when showers and even dry shampoo aren’t options? Do astronauts just stay dirty for the duration of their voyages, or does hair magically not get dirty outside the atmosphere? As it turns out, neither: it actually is possible to clean hair in outer space.

The beauty regimen in the video below may not be for all of you, but surely some of you fashionistas have plans to be astronauts “when you grow up.” In this fascinating video “Hair Raising Hygiene,” astronaut Karen Nyberg shows exactly what it takes to keep tresses clean when you’re floating in the International Space Station. It’s not rocket science (get it?); Nyberg just uses water in a bag and no-rinse shampoo.

We can’t decide if it looks not at all fun, or extremely fun. Either way, Nyberg certainly doesn’t have to worry about volume.

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