We Really Just Need To Boycott EE Creams

When BB creams first came to the U.S. we fell in love with the idea and quite possibly the alliteration. With a “beauty balm” that fights aging while providing subtle amounts of coverage and SPF, we thought we reached the Holy Grail–until the emergence of CC cream. “Color correction” became the key phrase leaving beauty insiders confused. (Although I know the CC is supposed to help with my dark spots, I have yet to notice a huge difference when I interchange Smashbox’s BB and CC creams.) Once we thought we figured it all out, we were given the DD cream, which can either stand for “daily defense” or “dynamic do-all” depending on the company. Theoretically, the BB cream was supposed to do it all. That’s why we purchased it in the first place.

If you are starting to get annoyed, get ready, because according to Women’s Wear Daily, there is now an EE cream. Previse Skincare EE Marine Granules, “a botanical-based marine mousse, which can be added to a traditional cleanser for “extra exfoliating” results,” will be available in late March. This new product was inspired by the popularity of the Clarisonic as a master exfoliator.

In the words of Susan Powter, we need to “stop the insanity”! Beauty groupies who are willing to purchase ridiculous creams most likely own a Clarisonic. Why would you ever purchase an exfoliating cream when you have already invested in an expensive vibrating brush? For those of you without, I suggest St. Ives Apricot Scrub or even baking soda. If we don’t say no now, we are guaranteed a ZZ cream in our near future. Honestly, who has room for all of that?

As much as I like to believe I am being offered life-changing beauty products, I know deep down inside I am not, and that’s fine. What’s bothering me is the lack of creativity. At this point beauty companies are riding the alphabet and alliteration to the bank. Is it too much to ask for a new product that has a really cool new name?

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