The Beauty Pill That Will Solve All Your Winter Skin Conundrums

beautiful winter skin

It’s long been our belief that if it’s too good to be try, it probably is — especially in domains of fashion and beauty. So imagine our skepticism upon learning that there’s a pill that can weatherproof our skin.

You see, we’ve been determined to make this season the first where we properly buff our sensitive skin for the colder months. In between exfoliating, moisturizing, and experimenting with a plethora of coldcreams like a mental person, we’ve come to believe that even with due diligence, our skin still remains dull, dry, and if we’re particularly melancholy about it, hopeless. For a tiny morsel of miracle to appear out of nowhere with promise to turn our miserable skin around with a few pop is just so suspicious to us. But naturally, we’ve already begun a starry-eyed investigation.

The beauty supplement in question is the Vitabotics Perfectil® Platinum, which is a cell renewal formula that boasts antioxidant vitamins E and C that contribute to cell protection. It also contains biomarine collagen to increase collagen production, as well as anti-oxidant rich grape seed extracts, alpha lipoic, and lycopen.

The Telegraph reports that The Clinical Interventions in Ageing trial, which was tested on 80 women aged between 35 and 50-years-old, concluded that the caplets protect skin against the aging effects of cold weather.

“Women who took the supplement were protected against a marked deterioration in skin micro-relief [skin structure] or volume of fine lines,” stated the findings.

Further sending us into a frenzy was the fact that scientists measured skin changes using fancy high frequency ultrasound technology and found that the women who weren’t taking the Perfectil suffered from TWICE as many of the damaging effects of winter compared to those who were.

“The results of this trial show that women wishing to protect their skin against the winter should consider a supplement such as Perfectil,” explained Professor Philippe Humbert, lead world expert on skin analysis and head of dermatology at the University Hospital of Besancon. “The dry and cold winter weather has a great influence on the condition of exposed skin, affecting the face the most. Year after year these changes in roughness, skin thickness and elasticity lead to visible skin ageing.”

While we’re always going to take such cure-alls with a pinch of salt, we’re also not going to be the editors arguing with science. So, you best believe that we’ll be trying out this pill wonder for ourselves, because we’ll look for any way around having to drink gallons of water each day.

Vitabiotics Perfectil Platinum, 60 Tablets for $80;

vitabiotics Perfectil Platinum

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