WTF? A Spray-On Veil For Your Allergies

You spray perfume and you spray on a tan (or you don’t, which I prefer) but would you spray an invisible veil over your face to combat spring allergies? Apparently, the next big thing out of Tokyo is just that, and they’re calling it Fumakilla Allershut Pollen Face Spray. Which really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

According to the release, once misted over the face, the spray stops pollen from sticking to the eyes and nose with the help of an ion polymer, which “creates a positive electrostatic field that repels allergy-causing particles like house dust and pollen.” But it’s not just a medical supplement; the spray is also said to enhance skin health with titanium oxide (commonly used as a sunscreen) and hyaluronic acid (your everyday exfoliating agent).

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for Datamonitor Consumer, says “Spring allergies are traditionally a major issue in Japan, and this is a novel way to help manage allergies without resorting to medications,” and that, “the growing popularity of sun care sprays also helps to set the stage for sprayable skincare products, like this one.” Added bonus, it can spray right over your makeup (and under your actual wedding veil) for the most minimal disruption to your day.

My first reaction is “WTF?” but as a longtime allergy sufferer, I have to admit I’m intrigued. I can’t read a single thing on the Japanese manufacturer’s website, but will definitely be keeping my itchy, red eyes peeled to see if this strange spritz comes stateside.

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