5 Ways To Tell He’s Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch Without the Logo


Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to win you back by getting rid of their logo. They tried going easy on the body shame, but it’s finally time to just de-brand. We’re sorry, Abercrombie. You molded your whole image on the half-naked outdoor techno scene, and you had a solid run. But now the people who loved you have moved on to online shopping for vintage, and it’s stripped you of your pride.

The idea that you’re all out of football spirit, and not out there drumming up profits on the beach is rough. We’re sorry. We even tried to defend you. But don’t bother de-A&Fing yourselves on our account. Unfortunately, you are not a speakeasy bar. Shunning attention by being wordless and more fashionable may not actually work. That’s because we’ll spot that unmistakable Abercrombie branding from a mile away. (It’s implicit.)

Based on a quick dip back in the old ad archives, here are five telltale signs he’s wearing Abercrombie, so that you can spot these guys even without logos.

1. His friends don’t know how to do hide and go seek good.

2. He accessorizes with Lindsay Lohan

3. He lost his head roughhousing in a field, so he’s introduced pelvis first.

4. He can kick back and simultaneously stand up.

5. He’s commitment-phobic about chest coverage.

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