7 DIY Shapewear Hacks You Can Try at Home


We know that corsets and Spanx can smack those hips into submission and help you squeeze into a size meant for a small child. But why not use the household items you already have before buying a bodysuit or hiring a lady in waiting to suck the life out of you? These foolproof methods will give you an hourglass figure quicker and cheaper than any bodysuit can.

1. Jampacked with Beauty
Don’t waste your money on a tummy control top. Paste some packing tape on your belly button and unroll eight feet of it. Spin around until you’ve taped yourself up into a smaller waist.

2. Butchery
Fasten your nipple with butcher’s twine to a light fixture. Try sagging now, ladies.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
Practice sucking in and holding your breath. The batthtub is the perfect time. If you turn blue, try some blush to offset the color on your cheeks.

4. Natural Beauty
Tape a photo of the horizon between your legs. Not only will it give the illusion of a thigh gap, nature is also calming and makes men think of their mothers!

5. Some Spring In That Step
Adding some height to your feet makes you look even more shapely. Put some springs on your heels and you’ll run faster and jump higher.

6. Hardpressed
If you need a minimizer for your chest, look no further than a panini press. Watch out, don’t get burned!

7. The Cement Mixer
Instead of a bodysuit, cover yourself generous in rubber cement and roll around in saran wrap for a few hours.

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