9 Fashion Lessons from Empire Records for Rex Manning Day

Oh Rexy, you're so sexy.

In a coming-of-age film filled with triumphs, failures, and self-actualizations over the course of one day, there needs to be a unifying event. For the cult-classic Empire Records, it is of course Rex Manning Day. Saturday, April 8, 1995 was the day Liv Tyler Corey vowed to lose her virginity, A.J. professed his love, and Debra shaved her head. Their ‘90s looks will always be celebrated, and now you can finally find a cropped sweater with ease. So say no more, mon amour. Here is every style lesson we have learned from our favorite record store employees.

1.Never underestimate the power of a solid sweater and skirt combo.
Corey’s fuzzy cropped top and plaid skirt are demure enough to wear to work, but still sexy enough to seduce an aging pop star. Oh Rexy, you’re so sexy.

Corey Sweater

Gina proves a buttoned up cardigan can double as a shirt.

Gina Empire Records

2. Combat boots add edge to every outfit. 
They are also perfect for working long hours, fleeing with embarrassment after offering your virginity, and avoiding those who profess their love for you.

Corey Boots

3. Colorful bra straps are considered accessories.
Before Carrie Bradshaw, their was Deb and her breakdown.

Deb Bra Straps

4. You can never go wrong with black on black.
It’s the perfect color to wear when you are trying to lay low after stealing from your employer.

Lucas Leather

5. Minimalist makeup works for everyone.
Groomed brows, curled lashes, and a matte lip compliment every individual style.

Empire Records Beauty

6. Find style inspiration in the most unlikely places.
Okay, so we aren’t saying wear an apron as a dress, but do consider an orange romper for spring.

Gina Music Town

7. Lingerie doesn’t have to match.
Corey’s virtuous white briefs and Gina’s fire engine red bra look adorable and effortless when paired together.

Corey Bra

8. Never underestimate a sensitive artist and his man cardigan.
A.J.’s ’90s hair was Jared Leto-inspired. And let’s not forget his sexy Rex Manning dance with Deb.


9. Always avoid men who are:
a.) unnaturally tan
b.) wearing purple satin
c.) sporting a choker with a medallion
d.) all of the above

Rex Manning

Happy Rex Manning Day!

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