An Illustrated Guide to Posing Like a Cannes Superstar This Weekend

You may not be able to Instagram filter your life into looking like you’re in the French Riviera for Cannes, but you can still pose for pictures like the people there. With any luck, this will be the weekend a bartender glances in your direction thanks to your best Blake Lively impression.

Here are the steps to posing like you’re at Cannes.

1. If you’re wearing a wrap, ensure that it’s on your forearms, but never covering your ring because if they can’t see it, they can’t compliment you about it. If your dress has pockets, dip your hands in ever so slightly.

2. If your friend posing next to you is smiling, ensure that you faintly grimace-smile like Sofia Coppola so that you don’t overshadow her.

3. If you’re at a party, it’s important to do something with your hands to ensure you’re the center of attention. You can put your hands on your hips like most people, you can clasp them in front and be like a ladylike six-year-old Nicole Kidman-style or be like Karlie Kloss and do a Wonder Woman pose.

4. You can pull an Adèle Exarchopoulos and almost look back at it. This is a great pose when you’re waiting for the bus. It will look like you’re waiting for the bus, but you’re really just favoring everyone with your good side.

5. Jewelry is never too big as evidenced by Elena Lenina’s layered silver baubles the size of mature oranges. You can use rope, cables, or electrical wires for your own DIY version. You’ll need to practice lifting this weight by remaining in the plank position for several hours.

6. Spread your legs out and take a powerful stance like Ines de la Fressange. It will tell everyone at the flea market where you’re finally getting around to buying that Mother’s Day gift that “hasn’t come from Europe yet” that you’ve truly arrived.
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