Aubrey Plaza’s Life After Beth Provides Important Lessons in Romancing a Zombie


After playing a love-struck time traveler in Safety Not Guaranteed and successfully mastering jorts and the sexual bases in The To Do List, Aubrey Plaza is hungry for brains. In Life After Beth, Plaza’s third leading role, our favorite sour puss is playing a zombified millennial. It doesn’t exactly come together, but we’re excited for three reasons: 1) this film has the power to make suburbia seem interesting, 2) Plaza has proved to detractors that she’s a powerful force and 3) we finally have the guide to zombie dating that we’ve all been wanting.

Life After Beth is the ultimate in creepy-funny. As the undead take over, their targets are the peacefully and painfully suburban: wealthy families trapped in their upscale homes. The good news is that there are bagels. (They’re frozen, but they’re good.) No one except her boyfriend (Dane DeHaan) is honest about her… situation. Beth’s mom, played by the unimpeachable Molly Shannon, insists that she was just resurrected.

Obviously Beth’s boyfriend Zach is suspicious: if it’s all good, why are Beth’s eyes smokey red? And why does she have superhuman strength? Normally these are things that some Midol or a detangler can fix, but when you’ve gone full zombie, only smooth jazz can help. Zach tries to salvage what he once had with his now decomposing girlfriend. Seeing Plaza play a pretty girl in a Modcloth dress with an all-consuming appetite for human flesh makes this worthwhile; Plaza really knows how to milk a descent into blood-hungry madness.

But Life After Beth is more than just an O.K. horror-comedy — it’s also a lesson. Here are some signs that your girlfriend may actually be a zombie, based on Life After Beth‘s craziest scenes:

1. Her moods change even more dramatically than usual.

2. She starts to violently redecorate when you try to serenade her with your acoustic guitar.

3. She’s increasing clingy and always angling for plans.

4. She’s getting stronger

5.She eats human flesh.

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