Butts, Glitter Thongs, and Raging Against Machines: 10 Biggest Sh*tshows in MTV VMA History


With the MTV Video Music Awards coming up this Sunday, we’ve dipped back into the recesses of our memory, reminiscing about awards shows past. None of us were alive when they kicked off in ’84 with Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” performance, but MTV did enough countdowns for millennials to make us all feel like we were at the damn thing. Every summer since Madonna humped the floor in a bridal gown has usually ended with a very special WTF VMA moment to ponder for all time.

The #mosttalkedaboutawardshow provided an annual stage for some crazy shit to go down. This year, it may be Beyoncé’s night as far as awards are concerned, but it’s anyone’s game. Whoever gets the moon man pales in comparison to whoever steals airtime with something earth-shattering. For every gracious acceptance speech, we get a sex foam finger or some good old fashioned shade throwing. There was that guy from Rage Against the Machine who climbed the scaffolding, Courtney Love hijacking an extra awkward Kurt Loder during his interview with Madonna, and Madonna, again, sucking face with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Here are ten of the craziest moments we’re lucky aired on the MTV VMAs. We’ve handed out awards for each in thanks.

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