Complex’s ‘Fashion Bros’ on Nick Wooster, Trolling Selfies, and Girls in Birkenstocks

Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris, co-hosts of Complex Media‘s original series “Fashion Bros,” are explaining to their director, Jonathan Lees, what a “grom” is. “You don’t know what a grom is? It’s like a 12-year-old skater or surfer, a little brother to the skate crew,” described Schlossman. “Bro, you’re so not extreme!” quipped Harris to Lees, which Schlossman followed up with, “You were never a grom, were you?”

While most of Fashion Bros’ episodes, which are available online every Thursday, are scripted, it’s the two hosts’ back-and-forth banter that makes their show so enjoyable. The idea started as a riff off of sneaker news show “Quickstrike” and ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” but about men’s clothing. “We took the concept and made it this weird thing,” explained Harris, who’s known Lawrence for five years. “They put us in front of the camera and the dynamic of our friendship shows — it’s just us being dicks to each other and making fun of each other.”

Each episode lasts less than ten minutes, although taping the show can take up to a regular work day at the Complex office, where Schlossman runs the site Four Pins and Harris serves as Complex’s Style Editor. The process starts every Monday, when the Fashion Bros team brainstorms on what segments to do. A new segment includes “Double Teamed,” where Schlossman and Harris offer advice on any topic. (“I say advice but there’s no fucking advice,” notes Schlossman.) Another segment called “Selfie Destruction” involves the two not-so-seriously critiquing selfies and outfits of your typical hypebeasts from Instagram and online forums. (“James hasn’t heard my jokes, I haven’t heard his jokes, and we’re legitimately cracking up.”) And while these ideas may come off as total douchebaggery, Schlossman and Harris truly enjoy menswear at the heart of it all. It’s just more fun when you can laugh at it, too.

Take for example, Nick Wooster, a #menswear and shopping guru, who was a guest on Fashion Bros. Judging from photographs, you would think the street style staple would rather flick a cigarette in your face than spend time making jokes about the one thing that he’s most known for. “That’s the thing that I loved about the Nick Wooster episode. They have these personal brands so we can have a fun conversation with them,” explains Schlossman. “But they have to be able to make fun of themselves and laugh. This isn’t fucking 60 Minutes.” For their Show Guest Wish List, the two hope for Soulja Boy, Tommy Ton, and of course, Kanye West. “Come on our show, Kanye!” screams Harris into my recording iPhone.

As for how long “Fashion Bros” will keep running, Schlossman predicts, “Forever until we die.” But in all seriousness, the weekly show will continue through the summer and its two hosts, who are both 27-years-old, hope for more guests, more original segments, and more viewers. “[Complex Media] figured, ‘What’s the point of stopping now? It’s getting better each and every episode.’ In lieu of getting paid more, we’re guaranteed that they pay for the funeral for when we keel over at that fucking desk,” adds Harris. “Twenty-seven is the year that all geniuses die and we’re up here doing this.”

Since it’s Harris and Schlossman’s job to rip apart the sometimes-inexplainable menswear trends of the season, we decided to pick their brains on what women are shopping for now:

James Harris: What’s a culotte?
Lawrence Schlossman: Do chicks wear them to yoga? Is it form-fitting or baggy? Sounds like you can’t look at girls’ butts in them.
JH: Sounds like you can rock some awesome granny underwear under there. Wait, you know what? I want a pair for straight lounging when I do nothing on my weekends.
LS: Well then get a pair of fucking culottes.
JH: How do you spell “culotte?”

JH: You will catch an unfollow from me if all if your Instagram is nail art.
LS: It depends on what the nail art is. There’s cool, clever shit and then there’s also if you have Tamagotchis and shit — actually that would be pretty dope.

LS: If you’re fit and want to show off, be empowered and do that. If you fucking work out so hard, and you feel sexy, and you want to show it off, by all means, I’m not against it.
JH: They’re great! They show off a girl’s body. That sounded really disgusting.

LS: They’re rad.
JH Was it a trend started by a girl with really fat fingers who couldn’t get them all the way down? I think they’re cool. It’s subtle.
LS: It’s super subtle. I wouldn’t know you were wearing them unless you showed it to me.
JH: Or giving a handjob.

JH: Oh my god.
LS: Fucking A-plus. Love Birkenstocks.
JH: Absolutely not. Crusty earth slippers.
LS: So comfortable, so money, so chic. Love it. I have three pairs. I’m all about them.
JH: I’d rather see a girl in sneakers.
LS: I would, too, but I’m all for Birkenstocks.

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