It’s Official: I’m Sick Of Jennifer Lawrence

I didn’t think it would happen. I definitely didn’t think it would happen so fast. But it has: I’m sick of Jennifer Lawrence.

In the beginning, I was as charmed by the J-Law phenomenon as anyone else. I admired her thoughts on body image, I sympathized with her star struck attitude at the 2013 Oscars, and I felt that if we went to a bar together, she’d be the friend encouraging me to get a Long Island ice tea instead of something more… respectable. I thought she was pretty cool. But lately, I’ve become disenchanted.

It all started last week with her appearance on Jimmy Fallon. She begins her interview, as you’ll see below, by sassily pointing out that, while certain outlets have reported on her hair growing out, it’s actually just “fake, all fake.” And while the lovable Jennifer Lawrence of yore would definitely have pointed that out, in the recent incident she seems to be making a point of how stupid the media is for reporting on her hair.  Perhaps she’s right, but given that her media coverage leads her to make an unfathomable amount of money, you’d think she’d be less ungrateful.

And things only get worse. Watch her tell a ridiculous (and seemingly contrived) story about asking Jennifer Lopez to dance.

Watching that interview gave me lots of thoughts. From “I did, like, ten jello shots” to “You made me look like a freak in front of J-Lo…do you know what that feels like?!” I had the overwhelming sense that she was being entirely disingenuous. Plus, whether or not the J-Lo story is true, the whole bit is no more than a humble brag about how she parties with celebrities.

I was already beginning to think Lawrence was now as fake as every other celebrity I don’t admire, when I came across another interview, this time with Seth Meyers. And believe it or not, it featured another lame story about celebrities. But this time she got to hang out with Brad Pitt. “He smelled like sandalwood!”

If this had been right after her first Oscars, I might have found it charming. But if after winning countless awards and attending events chock-full of celebrities, if after all that, Jennifer Lawrence is still genuinely excited by the sight of J-Lo and Brad Pitt, I don’t think I want to be her BFF anymore. But even worse, I imagine she actually isn’t still affected by celebrity sightings, and is instead just playing into the down-to-earth persona that made people love her.

She continues her story by being self-deprecating about the fact that she drank so much she puked—but the only punchline is that she was at Madonna’s party (which she semi-sarcastically jibes makes her “super important”) and that Miley Cyrus saw her.

I am deeply bored by these stories, and very put off by how rehearsed they sound. And sure, maybe she’s having a bad round of interviews, and will be able to seem more genuine down the line. But I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see her the same way again.

Instead of seeming surprised by her sudden fame, she now acts as though she’s too good for it. Her goofy celebrity run-ins now involve hanging out with other celebrities in the first place. Making fun of her appearance now involves making fun of people who notice her appearance. And everything sounds like an over-rehearsed stand-up bit.

And really, what party of millionaires involves jello-shots?

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