Why North West’s “Kidchella” Birthday Isn’t That Special

Little baby North West recently turned one, and to celebrate the Kardashian-West clan threw a big festival-themed party and called it “Kidchella.” Naturally, the internet responded with a collective eye-roll.

To be fair, naming your birthday party after something people already roll their eyes at might not be the greatest idea. It’s pretty much asking to be made a punchline. In fact, naming a birthday party at all is a little questionable.

So there’s been a lot of sassy responses, and Jezebel probably summarized the opinion best:

The best part about throwing a birthday party for a one-year-old is the fact that because a baby can’t possibly be the center of all the attention, the majority of the spotlight is up for grabs. So obviously Kidchella was full of Kardashian-Jenner antics.

Here’s the thing, though. The Kardashians are far from the first people to throw a party for a mostly unaware infant. My little sister is ten years younger than me, and I ended up attending a lot of children’s birthday parties a few years back. And I must say, I’d be hard-pressed to think of one that wasn’t, at least to a certain degree, about the parents. Even my own mother served mimosas at my sister’s first party, and we all cracked up when we gave her a cake and she confusedly smashed it.

It’s not like any infant has the brainpower to know what’s going on or to give a shit. Parents throw these parties so they can take pictures, and in 2014 these pictures often get posted to the internet.┬áThe Kardashians did as well, but on a much grander scale because they’re millionaires. It’s not a big deal. In fact, it looks really cute and fun and I wish I’d been invited.

Stop hating because you didn’t think of Kidchella first. If anything let’s focus on how awful this is:

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