Style Scouting: Kaity Wong on Peacocking, FKA twigs, and Elderly Chinese Ladies With Push Carts


Boots: Phillip Lim, Dress: Resurrection, Bag: Building Block

We know that the truth about real people blows everything else out of the water. The real women of New York are fascinating. They’re engaging, they have refined opinions, and they do stuff with impact. They also dress cool. We don’t believe in the privacy of their feelings, nor of their stories. While the selfie generation is busy altering reality on Instagram, a few people, us included, are burning to get real girls on the street talking, laughing, and schooling.

We caught up with music fan Kaity Wong on her way to drinks about the inspirational elderly Chinese women of New York, why she’s tired of people peacocking in fashion week photos, and why you have to see FKA twigs live.

So where are you going looking all fancy?
Just for drinks.

How did this outfit come about?
Well, this dress is from Reformation. It’s pretty much my go-to black dress when I don’t know what to wear. These shoes I’ve had for a long time. They’re Phillip Lim. They’re super comfortable so I just wear them whenever — in the winter, the summer…

Comfortable? Are you sure you aren’t coming from drinks?
(Laughs.) Well comfortable for four and a half inch heels.

How do you do your eye makeup?
I just essentially take like black liner and rim my eyes and then I put grey, and it just smudges throughout the day. There’s no real strategy.

What’s the story with your bag?
This is Building Block. It’s new. I love it, except it’s really long so it’s kind of hard to find stuff. But for the most part, it goes with everything.

So you’re like an archeologist now because you can dig through things.
Yes, yes exactly.

Is that Henna?
Yes. I had it done like, a block away or something, and it’s black, but it’s been faded for awhile.

What made you get it done?
Well I saw someone with it on Pinterest actually, and it looked really cool, and I just love tattoos, but I don’t like committing to anything. I have real tattoos, but I’m not going to get this on my hands. I just don’t think I could commit to that.

What kind of stuff do you pin on Pinterest?
Mostly fashion or quotes or I use it as a bookmark for articles or anything I want to read.

Any cool fashion things you’ve seen on there lately?
I think New York itself is the most inspiring obviously. I feel like that’s a pretty generic answer, but I’m sick of seeing fashion week photos honestly, because it’s people peacocking and looking their best, and I’m sick of personal style blogs. I think seeing people in the streets, whether it’s old people or people around here, it’s just nice and it’s inspiring to see.

What cool old lady style do you like?
Well I love seeing the old Chinese ladies with their push carts because obviously they’re not trying to be stylish. Everything they’re wearing is very very functional, but I think somehow it’s very well put together.

What’s a sign that somebody’s peacocking and asking for it?
I think wearing something that is very very trendy, and of that moment. People are going to document it and put it on whatever blog because it’s the look of the moment.

How long have you been wearing white nails?
Well I did this the other day, but I’ve been wearing this mostly all summer because I wear a lot of black so it’s nice to have a white pop.

Are you doing anything cool this summer?
I’m probably going to Blood Orange on Saturday. I just saw FKA Twigs, which was AMAZING. She’s AMAZING. You have to see her live. She’s playing again at Terminal 5, and the tickets go on sale tomorrow at 12 if you want to hop on that. She is such a great performer.

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