Style Scouting: Saidah Bullock on Pharrell, Future Bounce, and Purple Lipstick

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We know that the truth about real people blows everything else out of the water. The real women of New York are fascinating. They’re engaging, they have refined opinions, and they do stuff with impact. They also dress cool. We don’t believe in the privacy of their feelings, nor of their stories. While the selfie generation is busy altering reality on Instagram, a few people, us included, are burning to get real girls on the street talking, laughing, and schooling.

We recently hijacked Saidah Bullock’s first date. She and a guy with half-on overalls were en route to Y Gallery. Saidah, a promotions intern at RCA Records, obligingly answered our questions about how she’s looking to get into the music business while her poor date was sidelined. She told us about her love affair with her purple lipstick, underground beat shows, and why she loves the singable songs from the Southern future bounce rapper GoldLink.

All right so sorry for interrupting your date, but obviously your modeling career is more important.

I’ve been seeing your purple lipstick around lately. When did you start wearing this shade?
Like a couple of months ago. I was looking for a really nice purple one, and then I finally found it, and I just fell in love. It’s been a love affair since.

So what do you do?
I just graduated, and I’m looking for work. I studied communications and media.

How was that?
It was good. It was cool. I want to work in the music business.

So what types of music do you listen to?
All types. As long as it has a good vibe, then I’ll play it. Hip-hop, R&B, soul, future bounce.

Future bounce. Who has a good future bounce vibe these days?
GoldLink! It’s like a mixture of hip-hop and techno, and it all has a really nice vibe that hits you where it’s supposed to.

So where are you listening to it?
All over, at home, when I go to the label to hang out with some people that I’m cool with.

So you’re kind of in the music industry already.
Yeah already, I’m trying to get a full-time gig. I did promotions. I’m trying to like, get my two feet in there.

Is that your boyfriend?
No, just talking.

Is this your first date?
(Laughs) Yeah.

So what musicians have good style?
I like a lot of underground cats. I go to beat shows sometimes, and it’s just beats and good vibes, and a lot of people just chilling.

So do you have a voice?
I used to sing. I’m not into singing like that now. I want to do the business part. I want to still have a life. I don’t want people chasing me down the block.

Like I just did. It’s going to happen inevitably. What’s the best album of all time?
I’m going to go old school with Marvin Gaye.

Was Blurred Lines a rip off? Yes or no?

I’m looking for a straight answer.
I think it was, but I’m not mad at anyone making their money. It is what it is, and I love Pharrell .

If he were here right now, would you ditch this guy and like go freestyle dance in front of two mirrors with Pharrell or would you stick with your original plan?
(Laughs) I’d probably just bring him a long. I could take two. It’s a party. Why not?

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