From Deodorant to Frozen Pizza, the 11 Best Pieces of Spice Girls Memorabilia Ever

If there really is a reunion in the works, we want to be ready.

If there really is a reunion in the works, we want to be ready.

Rumor has it that the Spice Girls are going to join forces with the Backstreet Boys for a world tour. Although our adult brain is fully aware that Victoria Beckham just told Vanity Fair that she would never get involved with another Spice Girls reunion, our inner fan girls are hoping that they got the translation wrong. In the late ‘90s it really was a Spice World. Our favorite female archetypes were branding machines. There were the stickers, the gum, the Chupa Chups pops, the dolls… We can go on, but let’s just say their faces were literally on everything.

In case a miracle has taken place and a reunion tour really is in the works, we want to be ready. We have rounded up a list of rare and truly bizarre Spice Girl memorabilia that is currently being sold on eBay.

1. The SPICE Pizza
Okay, this one was technically found in the freezer by Beckham’s mum, but it’s too good to leave off of the list. Each letter had unique toppings picked out by one of the Spice Girls. We doubt Beckham has touched a slice of pizza since this was shoved into storage, so this pie truly a piece of history.


2. Spice Girls Match Boxes
These Pavo Real Spanish match boxes are a questionable form of branding at best. These are a rarity because they were never sold on U.S. soil. We can all agree that was probably a good thing because a lot of kids would have accidentally burned their houses down while listening to “Say You’ll Be There.”


3. Girl Power Currency
The group’s photos were put on fake dollar bills just in case your childhood self wanted to make it rain Spice Girls at the club.


4. Victoria Beckham’s “Driver License”
If this had the power to get you beer in college, it would be the best fake ID ever.

Fake Id

5. Spice Girls Impulse Deodorant Spray
People were serious about this spicy scent. Last year there was even a petition created to get it back.


6. Spice Girls Bow
This one screams DIY project, but we are counting it. Let’s be honest, this is a steal. You get the figurine, the bow, and the pain of wearing a five pound hair ornament.


7. Spice Girls Balloons
The tagline “Balloon Power” is what makes these “rare” party decorations priceless.


8. Spice Girls Nail Salon
We bet Zooey Deschanel had one of these… With the rising popularity of nail art, we are actually considering purchasing this ‘90s throwback.


9. Spice Girls Hair Play
Your nails can’t have all the fun. We bet you didn’t know that the Spice Girls were slinging their own “play” line of extensions and weaves back in the day.


10. Spice Girls Jigsaw Puzzle
At first glance this looks like your standard puzzle, but it is so much more. Notice anything interesting? The Spice Girls are dressed like THE CAST OF BAYWATCH. We literally can’t.

Spice Girls - Baywatch Jigsaw - MEMORABILIA-357836

11. Spice Girls Thimbles
This one is by far the most interesting. What seamstress relies on thimbles etched with the Spice Girls’ faces? And does she listen to “2 Become 1″ while sewing? So many questions…


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