The 6 Worst Style Dealbreakers According to Men on Reddit


A woman who turned to Reddit to see whether men find bad fashion unattractive got a mostly resounding “yes.” The general consensus was that zero f*cks given makes your place in their heart shaky. The woman explained that she worked from home wearing this offending uniform that prompted an intervention from her significant other: A t-shirt, jeans and Converse sneakers. Comments led her to add that, yes of course, when she goes out she ups the ante, but we got some cold harsh truths from self-appointed fashion critics, some of whom admitted they didn’t know anything about women’s fashion.

Having said that, one Redditor and Karl Lagerfeld would probably hit it off over some Diet Cokes thanks to their shared hatred of sweats. The Redditor said, “I got this way from being in a relationship one time and my girl spent an entire week off just lazing around watching Desperate Housewives and wearing f*cking sweatpants.” Sound forgivable? Nope. It did her in. “That was the moment I realized I didn’t want to be with her anymore because this was going to be the future.” Would it kill you to get dressed ladies? Your future’s at stake!

We heard the men, and here are their biggest dealbreakers.

1. Winter DGAF Look
“My wife is thin and gets very cold in the winter, and lapses into all sorts of frumpy, pilly cheap fleece jackets and baggy sweatshirts that hide her beautiful body and bum me out.” It went on. He said that he realized he was being a cheap dick, which led to her spending her life in “cheap shitty clothes.” He’s since shaped up and nudged her to buy clothes that they BOTH agree on. Crisis averted.

2. Misguided Footwear
“I don’t date girls who don’t dress in a way I think is attractive. I may be an outlier here, but if a girl has bad taste in shoes it’s a dealbreaker to me.” Choose wisely, you could be repelling an outlier gem like this.

3. Letting Yourself and Your Ladies Go
One man had a policy against baggy jeans, a t-shirt that didn’t match, and fabrics in bad condition, and he’s not there for boobcore either:¬†“Are you going without a bra at every excuse when the ahem ladies aren’t naturally inclined to stay orderly?”

4. Boring Him to Tears
“Get some colors or patterns.” He added that a few pairs of beige slacks is the tack and that one should always aim for variety. “Don’t need a crazy wardrobe, just some flavor.”

5. Oversharing
“I mean it would have to be really terrible and inappropriate to be a deal breaker, like wearing one of those cut up tops that shows side-boob to see my parents.” Obviously, if you’re Kate Middleton, don’t worry about this one.

6. Baggy Clothes
Accentuate the positive. “I want to see my GF’s body. Therefore baggy clothes suck.”


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