The Best Things Gwen Stefani Wore in Music Videos

Before crop tops and DIY were officially things, Gwen Stefani solidified her place as a style icon with a handle on both. As a young subject of public fascination she was already settled in her taste for Gwen-emblazoned cropped tanks and plaid trousers. She went from leather cuffs to Jamaican flag sweatbands, but she always kept the flames of her love affair with the Old English script font alive. She also somehow maintained that schoolgirl charm, and she wore the hell out of some track pants she could do sweaty push ups onstage in. With L.A.M.B, she’s one of the few musicians to leverage her perfect whiny velvet singing into a successful fashion line.

What she wore in music videos catapulted her into that unique realm of know thy self fashion that we’ve come to expect from her as she evolves. If you had a copy of the first ever Elle Girl, you knew that her mom sewed her clothes, she was a reg at the fabric store, and she made her own prom dress to look like Grace Kelly from Rear Window way before she wore that cotton candy Dior wedding gown. She reportedly always did her own makeup and hair, so that included crystal forehead stickies and her blond, blue and pink bombshell looks. If she actually rolled her hair into those little funnel cakes from the Tragic Kingdom days herself, then we’re stunned.

Here are the best looks from her music videos.

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