The Internet’s 10 Most Elaborate Rave Bras for EDM Boobs

10 festival nymph masterpieces with specific ravers in mind.

10 festival nymph masterpieces with specific ravers in mind.


Even if reveling the summer away on the EDM circuit isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the craftsmanship of an elaborate rave bra. Each one is a snowflake, as is its wearer. In this wearable art form, countless textural details like petals, lacey ruffles, beads, perlers, glittery gemstones, and chains are glued on in abundance, and some of them deserve our appreciation. Not all ravers are about Hindu iconography or child-sized princess costumes in sex form. Some of them just want to have fun, and create handmade bras to give fellow ravers a window to their own spiritual awareness.

We dug into the twisted kaleidoscope of rave culture on Tumblr and Etsy to find the rave bras that’ll make you pop even in a crowd of drug-addled naked people. From the sound-activated light-up rainbow variety to the dreamcatcher-themed, here are the 10 most elaborate rave bras in existence right now.

1. For the Alice in Wonderland freak:

Alice in wonderland rave bra $70 at Etsy


2. For the patriot:
Patriotic USA Rave Bra $35.00 at Etsy


3. For the love-spreading frolicer:

Cute “HUG” and Heart Beaded Rave Bra Neon Yellow Size 36B $9.99 at Etsy


4. For the slave to the music:
Chasing Rainbows Sound-Activated Light-Up Bra $59 at Etsy


5. For the kandi fetish reveler:
Super Kawaii Pink Cabochon Rave Bra Burlesque Lolita Decoden Doll $85.00 at Etsy


6. For the flower child:
Sexy E.D.C Rave Bra $35 at Etsy


7. For the pop art enthusiast:
Pink Kaskade Bra $65 at Etsy


8. For the Tiffany & Co. catalog subscriber:


9. For the personal space fan:
via languedargent on Tumblr


10. For the culture appreciator:
Native American Inspired Rave Bra $70 at Etsy


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