The Natural Evolution of the BULLETT Shop’s IRL Location

"People come by. They seem to dig it."

"People come by. They seem to dig it."

Bullett Shop RackIf you were to stroll down Walker Street in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood on a typical moody day in March, the damp air would chill your bones. The sun would be uselessly trapped behind a barrier of haze. You would curse this seemingly never-ending winter until your eyes were drawn to a sunny facade that sticks out from the dross. You would see a new storefront that is bright and playful — and an inadvertent reminder that spring is coming.

The BULLETT Shop’s brick-and-mortar location is BULLETT Media’s latest endeavor, or as Chief Operating Officer Jack Becht describes it, a natural evolution. Last fall the media company’s popular print magazine went 100 percent digital. Their website produces original content daily, and also serves as a hub for their e-commerce store.  (Disclosure: BULLETT Media and Styleite are syndication partners.) They have been working with large-scale brands since the launch of their creative agency, and while their hands are strategically placed in a lot of pots, Becht describes the IRL location as a logical next step.

“Our whole goal at the moment is to expand beyond the life of print media into something else. Something that is more lifestyle. Something that is bigger. Something that is not going anywhere,” he says. The idea didn’t come out of the blue. Becht explains it as something they have been working towards as a company.

“The shop already existed on the website, and we thought, ‘why not promote accessibility by opening it up to foot traffic?’ We want to welcome our readers to come and experience the magazine and brand in real life,” he says.

The street level store opened at the end of February with offices located downstairs. The temporary pop-up will remain on 47 Walker St. until August. As for a more permanent location, Becht says they aren’t ruling anything out. They currently share the loft with TEMP Art Space, which the COO says, “promotes a sense of community that extends beyond one medium.”

When you walk into The BULLETT Shop, you feel the level of museum-like curation that went into the aesthetic. The walls serve as a pure white canvas for the brightly colored and heavily printed merchandise. Display shelves are a mix of pale wood and acrylic glass. Magic Carpet weekend bags and stacks of BULLETTS’s previous print editions are artfully littered throughout. Books and magazines are contained by bungee cords on a wall shelf. Potted plants and a custom terrarium add life to a room filled with inanimate objects. Every piece has a purpose, and even possibly a story.

“We have been working for almost four years now to provide a unified aesthetic that changes with the times but maintains an edge,” Becht says.

Standout items include a Rachel Antonoff white romper covered with cartoon sketches of topless women, a Back zip ring gold sequin top that would feel right at home in Rihanna’s closet, and a single pair of Chanel muted silver caged booties.

Becht says the response has generally been positive, and he is personally pleased with the outcome.”People come by. They seem to dig it.”

And while he admits it is important for BULLETT to continue as pioneers in the field, Becht is cryptic about what comes next. “I don’t want to say what any of our plans are yet, but there is a lot to come.”

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