33 Reasons to Celebrate Helen Mirren’s Birthday Today

Helen Mirren is one of my favorite celebrities. I admire that she’s managed to find a slew of solid roles at an age where many women in Hollywood flounder or are merely reduced to grandmotherly typecasting. I enjoy that she’s fun and fearless on the red carpet. I love that she doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. And while I’m at it, here are 33 more reasons I love Helen Mirren.

1. She turns 69 today.
2. She’s a dame
3. She looks like Jennifer Lawrence. (Seriously: check out this weird clip of her from 1967. They’re practically twins.)

4. She can dance.

5. No really, she can dance.

6. Like DANCE.

7. She watches America’s Next Top Model … just like the rest of us!
8. She’s cool.
9. She calls out bullshit sexism.

10. She’s not afraid to rock pink hair in her 60s.
11. She can pull off tights with open-toed shoes.
12. Apparently she’s kissed Rachel McAdams.

13. And this guy.

14. She’s got a hotter body than Pippa Middleton.
15. She can make toast look sexy.

16. She makes a flag look like an acceptable outfit choice.
17. She isn’t exactly proper.

18. She doesn’t believe in “dressing for your age” rules.
19. She’s candid about her red carpet secrets.
20. She doles out helpful advice.

21. She likes Wii Fit.
22. She wore stripper heels before they were cool.
23. She’s full of wisdom.

24. She won’t take shit from anyone, not even this dog.
25. She knows how to stay relevant for all generations.
26. This.

27. She’s Winona Ryder’s landlady.
28. She intimidates Bruce Willis.

29. Tim Gunn loves her style.
30. She sometimes fails, AKA she’s mortal.
31. She loves Vin Diesel, for what it’s worth.

32. She’s a badass.

33. She’s pretty much a queen IRL.

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