Beyoncé — We Mean, Sasheer Zamata on How to Deal With Cat Calls

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You know how we feel about Rookie’s “Ask a Grown Wo/Man” series: nothing compares to watching various celebrities like Stephen Colbert and Gossip’s Beth Ditto play agony aunt, dishing advice to the lot of hopeful, creative, scared, curious, and/or lovelorn teens that frequent Rookie every month. It’s like a Judy Blume novel successfully wished its way into becoming a real, live human interaction, except there are a lot more fraught sexual emotions this time around because we want all of these famous sages to be our mentors as well as our smooch partners. Believe us, it’s just as confusing as it sounds.

In the latest edition of Rookie’s advice series, SNL’s Sasheer Zamata is fielding the preteen queries. Now as much as love “Ask a Grown Woman,” we love Sasheer Zamata: the SNL rookie is bewitchingly hilarious, winning the comedy game everywhere from Studio 8H to New York’s UCB Theatre to the world wide web with her dumb-funny web series Pursuit of Sexiness. We personally named our diaries after her just so we could feel like we were chatting with her every day. (Don’t hate the playa, hate the playa’s debilitating loneliness!) Watch as Zamata eases into her video with a Beyoncé impression (everything should start with a Beyoncé impression — races, presidential debates, the Nathan’s hot dog-eating contest) and then doles out wise advice on handling street harassment, confusing flirtations, and racist boyfriends.

Ask a Grown Woman: Sasheer Zamata from Rookie on Vimeo.

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